The Mindset Stylist

Transforming Your Mindset, Boosting Your Resilience,

Raising Your Vibration and Helping You Thrive in

Challenging Times!


Hi, I’m Cathy, AKA The Mindset Stylist, and I’m a Mindset Transformation Therapist and Resilience Coach. Thank you for taking a peek at my website page.  I thought I’d introduce myself while my new website is being put together.

2020 has been a life-changing year and almost 85% of us in the UK have said we’re feeling stressed, anxious and depressed as a result of COVID and the effects it’s had on our daily lives.

This doesn’t bode well if you’re a heart-led, soul-centred, passion-filled, professional woman who wants to make an impact and is already plagued with feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem, negative thinking, overwhelm, anxiety and depression. I know this because I’ve been there too!

Now, more than ever it’s important to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health and resilience and after a 30 year career in the NHS as a Management Consultant and Director, I’ve made it my mission to help women like you because I don’t want you to struggle for years like I did!

My Rapid Transformational Therapy® and resilience coaching programmes are designed to get to the subconscious root cause of why you’re struggling and holding yourself back and are tailored to your needs to provide you with the coaching support, psychological tools and energy raising techniques to help you shift from the “Worrier” mindset to a “Warrior” mindset, where you’re taking charge and are back in control of your life, knowing that you have the self-belief, confidence and complete faith in yourself to handle anything life throws at you and even thrive in challenging times!

Book a connection call with me below so we can get together virtually wherever you are and chat about your struggles and how I can help you overcome them.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon! x